What is Fotur

What is FOTUR

The Federation of Leisure, Tourism, Game, Recreational Activities and Related Industries of the Valencian Community (FOTUR) was born with the aim of being the representative body of all companies, professionals and activities dedicated to the leisure and tourism sector.

With the intention of being a platform of cooperation, where to join the forces of all associated entities, and practicing a policy of open boards where we enrich ourselves with the contributions, suggestions, projects and ideas of the entities that are part.

The business experience and the ability to manage public events in each field of leisure and tourism gather around a platform, FOTUR, to work together, not to compete, but to strengthen a sector in continuous growth in the Community as it is that of leisure and tourism. Our intention as a federation is also to be present in future events, in what our experience and capacity is required.

Other proposals that motivate the creation of FOTUR is the implementation of a general culture of leisure and tourism, through prevention policies and social communication campaigns, and urban planning where the areas in which leisure development have legal security and where the user can enjoy thanks to adequate infrastructures and an adequate public transport service and security in communications (especially in the night domain).

For all these reasons, FOTUR is a platform of business union, of vindication of the problems of the sector, of search for solutions, and of empowerment of the qualities of professionals and entrepreneurs, because only with the business union, the adaptation and constant improvement of our establishments and professionals will guarantee us a policy based on quality where the user / consumer should be the beneficiary, since FOTUR's maxim is that of not competing among its members, but on the contrary, enhancing their qualities jointly in order to offer the best service.

From these lines thank you for the attention you have given us and if you are part of our sector invite you to participate, because your experience, professionalism and good work will be very useful.

FOTUR Advantages

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    FOTUR representa a los Bingos, a las Salas de Fiesta, Baile y Discotecas, a los S alones de boda, a los Barmans, a los Djs y a todos a aquellos operadores del sector que quieran formar parte de este colectivo. Todo ello representa un segmento muy potente de la economía de la Comunidad Valenciana.

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    FOTUR se crea también para ayudar en el crecimiento de sus asociados, defender sus intereses y para tener una voz que sea escuchada por la sociedad y por las administraciones.

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    La Comunidad Valenciana debe ser un referente nacional y, por qué no internacional, en la comercialización del ocio. Pero, para ello es necesario ofertar productos de calidad.

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    FOTUR apoya las iniciativas de formación de los trabajadores, ya que son los que están en contacto directo con los consumidores, y todas aquellas iniciativas empresariales y de colectivos que repercutan en pro del sector turístico.